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tion, your clergy, and your own household, that every
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b. Quantitative tests for sugar. — By means of a standard eolation of
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from an imperfect closure between the cavities of the
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52. Poisoning hy Tobacco-Juice. — M. A. Marghant relates the following
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tained. By the judicious use of lanolin, thinned either with vase-
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gation of pain and the induction of sleep ; and, finally, the prevention of
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ber of bloodvessels, proliferation of the capillary epithelium
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lamp could also be used in poulticing, laying it over
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(Ordered by G.H.Q., May 6 and officer appointed May 13.)
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mechanical reason for the sterility is as plain as in
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had practised medicine in Honeybrook for 50 years and had filled
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rule apply to all stations in life. The rich and the ' may effect a cure. That some forms of malignancy
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•Wickham. Louis: Archive. d'Electricil* MMld. \o\. «11.
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J. C. Hoadley, Esq., contributes an excellent article " On
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anesthesiologist usually meets the patient one to 24 hours
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definitely shown to be the particular purp»ose of glycogene, or
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effected. The last step in the treatment was to burn an obstinate sinus
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I thought out what ought to be the reasons fordoing so,
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"4. That in small doses it has useful therapeutic properties.
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in the spring of 1891, on account of the lessened morbidity, there were
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disappears, rarely becomes more exaggerated than be-
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than the presence of a portion of muscle between the broken
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the influenza varies in the production of the insanity. It
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ist of the health department. After such application had been duly
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June, 1888) thus describes his new operation: With two sharp