servation. It appears to me that, though the case terminated
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it is often difficult or impossible to distinguish between them. Thus, in
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of a young girl who fell down a shaft, and I succeeded very '
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Obehly, a. S., Surgeon. Ordered to the Naval Hospital, Ports-
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reduced by the hydrogen in the second bulb. In this
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tonitis. This presented itself under various forms, and
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does not seem to have been observed. Fully-developed catalepsy does not
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aseptic by an adequate supply of healthy bile. Other
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The incorporators are the members of the sub-committee
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the eye and skin. In all the main facts of its history it
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once to prevent the absorption of putrid material and its
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have more than once taken occasion to call attention
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particularly the hypophysis, adiposity and referred to, it is the part of wisdom to tone
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by the secretary, who must also be treasurer. In other respects no
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so unlike the chilling effect after the use of ice.
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hair be rubbed between the finger and thumb close to the
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tain extent at least, conform to those laws, and thus the health and phys-
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day. Pulse, very irregular. Right pupil smaller than
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Chicago, 1893. xxi, 336-339. Also [Abstr. ' : Pacific Rec. M.
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minuria. It should be remembered, however, that the origin of the
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the people generally will ever come to understand this,
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or oval tumor or, in the case of multiple cysts, a similar large, irregular
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ing the odor and taste of rotten egg^^ the latter denoting putrefactive
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what — averaging about 900 cc. per day. The specific gravit\' was con-
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turn of digestive discomfort and pain after nausea, vomiting and epigastric tenderness,
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paper, reports a cure and attributes his success in part to the soluble
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pain, which the mother calls cramps. When fiecal mat-
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Pulmonary abscess is a relatively common sequel of epidemic influenza.
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HoG.\N — Spreading himself like a green bay tree.
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relief will suffice. Should the case be due to uterine, an
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affairs as well as in maladies, so that even after a defeat there al-
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appetite was excellent, and my food well digested. From this time
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In his Recapitulation of the signs of the several stages of