adds, " The proper method of completely obliterating the mouth of

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ence of the disease has been often assumed on insufficient evidence. The

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the 31st ult., the Council of the Hospital was immediately

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to this method of doing business is made, but on account of

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ties depends upon his brother practitioners who are not fol-

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others as regards rations. From the reports it is plain to be seen how

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sodium chloride in large proportion. Under the microscope epithelial

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which at present are principally employed in laryngeal tubercu-

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sidered this disease a very grave one, which ought to be

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The loss of sexual power, or rather deficient erec-

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eczema ; edge of tongue ulcerated, and palate covered with

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pew is plentifully supplied with books, in large print and small,

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acter are the initial effects produced by the stone.

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arises, or expel it by thinking of a necessary duty.' This ad-

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exert no curative influence when given in doses under

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and spring mouths, and the most suitable periods for marriage are the spring

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will last ten weeks ; sometimes as many or more months.

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Bacillaky dtskntery is an acute infectious disease caused by the

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Carney Hospital on January 23, 1893, as a patient of

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gastrointestinal tract, as indigestion in the stomach and

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executive officer brought him in wide contact with public health

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Diarrhoea, not transient, but continuing more or less, perhaps becoming

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gishly to the mind ; in other cases, as for example in acute mania, they are

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mentions the case of a patient apparently suffering from cholo-

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49-08, Also, transl .-Med. Kews, Phila., 1880, xlix, 337-

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Publishing-office, as early as possible, information as to any

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16. "increase in urinary output of riboflavin" 17. "improvement in pediatricians'

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purpura no constant factor can be detected in the history of the patient or

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ledge, as well as words, to teach what be professes to understand. A

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had practiced in Hamden, Conn., for fifty-two years, difd at

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infinitesimal doses is fatal to that theory ; as also the homceo-

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