it. A single jet did well for a carbuncle. In whitlow the
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Experiments to note the effects of direct mechanical
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with the general treatment. As a rule it is easy to decide whether or
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that there is usually a morbid condition of sanguification and
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The salts form at the surface in warm weather, and being quite
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cells as well. These radium-damaged, non- care in placing such tubes, else X-ray therapy
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may be examined directly in water, glycerin, or, after dehydration in
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taken into the stomach ; also that the results are more certain, and
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appears like a cloak hung about bone and this dark envelope
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trochanter and the tuber ischii. Wound healed by suppuration in eight weeks. Cessation
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muscles react normally to electrical stimuli. He says
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Entamceba phagocytoides was discovered by Gauducheau in Indo-
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latest point of attack, in Alexandria, Egypt, are discussed in
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allowing itself to be forestalled in the translation of this impor-
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sunlight. Care must be taken in both instances. An exposure
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gested that he do so, removing the restriction of not exceeding $3,000
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see before me just as though it were yesterday. To this day
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volumes of this great work of Mr. Hurdett's and have
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sired to consult with these parties. Their reasons for this
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Liver slightly congested in those portions which came in contact with
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not promptly complied with. The result of this morbid appetite is, that
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weeks, and may terminate in bronchopneumonia or meningitis. There
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" And strange to say," says the report, " it has not always
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Symptomatology. — The symptoms may develop suddenly, fol-
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allowing free swelling of the part, which in most cases seems
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Inability to concentrate his mind upon his work. Has
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agonists and its effects can be reversed by administration of such agents, eg, dobutamine or Isopro-