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in sciatica the segments of the cord at and below these sciatic con-
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questiuns had been increased. The College have not hitherto instituted
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" there are few cases in which the operation is required."
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of fluid in the right pleural cavity, and on the 15th of
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" slapping " pulse — jjulsus celer, is associated with low tension and is often
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29th. — Hyperphoria L. 1°. The patient says the pain in the
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Service Administrators and Recent Graduates Analyze Expectations of the New
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which I attended, the receding motion of the child as the pain ceased,
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advantageous, but its good results may be largely counter-
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Plffard, and he had found it of great service in cases
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great debility. On the fourteenth day of fever his tongue was black
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whole number. The latest was the 15th cliild; but after the 12th
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lingual and superior thyreoid arteries, and the consequent disappear-
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on Public Policy and Legislation would be able to secure the
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and respiratory centres in the medullar are more resistant and their
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in anticipation of an imminent noxious stimulus. Once the
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(++), the chromatophores closely approximate the blood vessels
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connective tissue as in the case of morphia and other
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tions man partakes of in common with all inimals, even to the
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upon her suffering from the " rumbling," rolling gases
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Teachers. Of the number of teachers engaged the past year, two are
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were of rather unusual character, the ages of the patients being
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I conceive its employment is as unjustifiable as it is uncalled for — the
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geners of lupus and tuberculosis, capable, under favorable conditions, of
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veloped, it does destroy sexuality. Ovariotomy is per-
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a further investigation of the matter only confirmed this opinion. My.