symptom, and not due to lesion of the cerebellum as such. In some
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present, particularly when there is much fever at the beginning. There
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one hundred nurses; (2) a second statement and plan
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vaccination, through dental instruments, by wet-cup-
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middle of the base. The outer cylinder, open at the top, is
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is to produce a profound ana?mia, accompanied by an intense
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afforded by this type of sphygmogram, especially if it be obtained in
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cance of the term mellitus. Ghjconuria and melituria are names applied
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gation, is still involved in considerable obscurity. Doctor Grassi, in
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are interested in the scientific developments of prevent-
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morphia, and chloroform mixed, and used as an external applica-
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Men who have half a dozen irons in the fire are not the ones to go crazy.
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el, white letters, gold aud blue border with my signature.
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may also remark that this report was adopted by gentlemen
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he had recently had a number of epileptic fits. On the other hand
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sphere to one side and caused flattening of the medulla and
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toward the side opposite to that occupied by the new
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tunities for observation. The prevalence of fev^er in Ireland
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worse, until within some six years ago, at which time
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ments, and hold them rigidly in position while the plaster cast is
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nary school-ground to survive the summer. We think the purdhase and
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trom that of the patient ; for, after all is said that
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A Mansion surroimdad by twelve acres of garden, situated within two
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the guinea-pig, which is used in these experiments, is not a
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epidermis is likely to exfoliate in large flakes, but does not become
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Mallet. Arch, de mM. exp. etc. 1889. — Hildebrandt. Inaugural Diss. Berlin,
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times, after the patient has coughed, the moist rdles and the cradding,