sarily common property with other works on pharmacy. Ebn Baithar and
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peral peritonitis, into two classes : i. Those in which
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abuses, and whose sympathies are all with the unfortunate.
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of these patients is in excellent health seven years following operation.
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green slopes of Warriston Cemetery; and thither the remains of
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symptom, and are called cases of ascites. But this is only one
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pulmonary artery was occluded by a thrombus, typhoid bacilli
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mal-nutrition, imperfect oxidation, and degeneration of tissues" (p. 151).
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danger. Owing to the pai-alysis of the tongue the food cannot ))e pushed
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peral fever, neuralgia, and rheumatism have increased,
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field of diseases of the mind and nervous system is
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effect in the living economy, without admitting a siim
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ods are used to the utmost, also utilizes the very best
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case, as there was considerable difficulty in exposing the sympathetic
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health care, including those relating to benefits for persons chronically
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they then conclude that they would rather undergo inocula-
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in which it has stood him in good stead. — Med. Times and Gaz.^
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the itching which is characteristic of erysipelatous conditions. Consti-
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were better. The swelling of the legs was very much less. The
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Kanthack and Stephens: "Escape of Diphtheria Bacilli into Blood and Tissues,"
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since the earliest*times, but the subject was not studied
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to their interference with parturition, and to their influence over the
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general standard of the public health is gradually dete-
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tend to other parts of the countr} r , it is desirable to obtain all the
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in premature delivery, and in her death five days after con-
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A sensation is felt in that part where such retained perspirable matter is
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of suspension at judicious intervals. The process is called
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Director of the Research Laboratory of the Department of Health,
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nothing more to say. To transcribe very copiously, would be only reciting
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tures." 12 noon, Surgical Amphitheater, University Hospital.
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measures tail, change of climate, if practicable, should be advised.
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as illustrated in Fig. 152, flexes the spinal column and