published a century earlier, had not the same ambitious scope). Not

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opium, with sulphate of quinine, in fairly large doses, and cardiac tonics.

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tuting the present series. Only those subjects will be embraced in this work which

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nervous system. I have seen persons' lives saved by a few doses of the

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contraction of the adjacent parts, especially such as result from syphilis

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preserved in other ways. We should train the heart up to the amount of work

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impossible positions and presentations. Before apply-

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In the chapter on pathology the author neither exploits nor

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28. In use, the burner is enclosed in a sheet-iron tube with opening

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circles, it must arise from something invariably connected with

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administered when the ā€œuā€ is mistaken for a zero. When

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the absolute ranges of temperature bear no character-

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convexity of the liemisphere, was destroyed to within 10 mm. of

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r that // has to /. I think it not improbable that the Greek

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cal girl) that the peritoneum is inflamed, whatever else may be the

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charms of the soothsayer, incapable of producing their wonderful effects

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blood into the arteries. Often, iadeed, thrombi form in those parts of the

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ous fatty degenerated epithelial cells, leucocytes and

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was a dreamer on Socialism, at thirteen an Atheist and in a few

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horseshoe-shaped flap is raise<l and a half-inch button of

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M. Gilles de la Tourette reports in the Revue de Chirur-

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patient without benefit to the latter, and it was decided to employ another physi-

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Erasmus Wilson, F. R. S., author of "A System of Human Anatomy," &c.

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The symptoms are those of a pleurisy arising under any

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the eyeball the lens slips out, or, what, perhaps, is

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The treatment of the various subjective symptoms of which

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the child. That I consider to be less than six months. Pre-

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In the seventeenth century, alsp, zoology and botany

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obstruction to drainage and the retention of the products

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cial, as constituting important distinctive varieties; for although the true

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epileptic spasms, which I have treated of in a former paper.

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the fact has been given. The writer ventures to give the following :

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the protoplasm generally presents the same outline. Occasionally the

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time or quite recently, alcohol has been quite largely

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success with which they have uniformly discharged their official duties in

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barbie. lie warns us of its poisonous properties, and advises its use in

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years, excluding men-of-war, 13,207. In only the part

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used up, iinless the haii* has come out sufficiently to satisfy