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of tetanus have been reported, caused by the bite of an animal, e. g.,
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fusion was imperative. It is, however, possible that the ligation at this
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tion. The different species of mosquitoes not only differ markedly in
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Consequently, it is a very " cheap " and, only in appearance,
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peritonitis must be distinguished from the progressive or chronic inflam-
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began to get more supple, but he must say that in the cases in which
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but of the papular eruption characteristic of variola
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Both insoluble in the gastric fluids, they are split up in the intes-
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advance in this field in the past twenty-five years,
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about the fauces, inflammation of the periosteum and of the bones, caco-plas-
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'•The first communicates sensations, motive power, volition, re-
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of the humerus to so press upon the upper and front part of the pad as
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their functions, and return to it the waste products which must either
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tricles are healthy. The pituitary is normal. The peritoneum, stomach,
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