case there were also several abscesses in the lung. He believes the joint

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majority being the same variety of streptococcus, leading to the inference

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tion and respiration. By combining chloral with other groups, it has been

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marriage tie is a very loose affair. One cannot but admire the fact

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of the first or second portion of the arch, and so placed that the blood cur-

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less from some form of nasal, or naso-pharyngeal catarrh, indigestion, etc.

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the thyroid gland to the body, in health and disease ; the whole subject

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solely, and it may be that later on it will be necessary to hold

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effecting a cure where he sees the patient in his office only

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Hospital, for the account of the autopsy and the specimens.

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be planned for where patients of this sort might find some gainful

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The average number of days spent in hospital, or, in the case of patients

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mittent fever. Labor began after she had taken thirty grains of sulphate

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certainty in cases such as mentioned may be seen from the follow-

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On August 18, 1918, an unusually severe attack of colic developed.

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A FEW months ago Dr. Garman, of Great Barr, asked me to take a

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the tongue. I counted thirteen different abscesses. The pharynx and

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* The "decree of Saratov" has been published before but prior renditions

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is said to act efficiently when so given in controlling certain painful affec-

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or failure of radium to cope with so grave a condition, and, third,

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dispensary service at Burdwan (during epidemics of 1871-72-73) with

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Spencer [Transactions of the London Obstetrical Society, vol. xxxi., 1889)

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bacteria susceptible to ciprofloxacin

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more, his enterprising but younger brother would likewise "steal

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Mountain Climates. — When a patient goes to a mountain climate,

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" lymphodermia perniciosa (Kaposi) ; " and then states that in internal

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It might be well if the University authorities could also con-

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accident most to be dreaded is the occasional occurrence of erysipelas, which

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wives was brought up for discussion. The conclusion was reached that fixed

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the blood in suspected cases as regularly as we examine the chest and

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is probably not so much the deposit of so-called tubercle, as an extension