the petrous bone was blackened. In places it was so soft as to be easily cut with the
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naturalist, I have undertaken some observations on the subject,
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and therefore practically indicated ? To this we simply answer, for
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Finally, if the polyj)us be firm in texture and have
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a wound of the left ventricle, four-fifths of an inch in
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chloride, grs. 4.37 ; " soloid " sodium salicylate, grs. 4.37 ; " soloid "
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sequent absorption of oxygen is augmented on account of
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versity, that the disease has been observed by Professor Kerr
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tially like those which had been mentioned by the majority of stock-
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ful is injected we may spare our patient much of the unpleasant
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with the streptococcus infection. Repeated rigors, fever and sweat,
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followed by the neuralgic pains of the extremities pecu-
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hardly be thought of. In the author's opinion the symptom-complex of
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nerve-substance standing at the root of a great many |
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histologic reports of Lubarsch. He found on examination of
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_j7 surpasses the normal the more the deeper the Hb value falls.
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be continued for some hours after death, two or three
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5. da Piaz: Papers from the Department of Anatomy, University of Cali-
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have there undergone a series of morphological changes.
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the most severe type, as has been the case there for some years past,
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infiltration seemed to involve not only the coats of the
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tropical climates, more especially in the presence of
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paper on the subject and described minutely the technique.
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of proper cases for operation, and limiting himself strictly
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of the sternum. In the event of one's not being able to get
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Cleavage Method. — The pia mater is carefully removed from
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hospital practice in three different places, viz., Erlangen, Helsingfors,
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began to be troubled with eructations — "heart-burn."