cold. This being so, the use of opium to control the pain of in-

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using medicated steam. In bad cases, steam continuously until

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* Bell, in his Prize Dissertation on Diet, has become the propagator of

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experience males only have been attacked by it. Professor VarneU

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extending rapidly or slowly? Obviously, rapid extension is less

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Nursing Care of Patients with Pheochromocytoma , a Nursing Clinical Conference

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Parliamerit by the hniian Doctors. Let the Doctors organise their forces,

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ague exists, and even in the Alps. Nor are any direct proofs brought for-

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must be careful not to drag down an adherent uterus forcibly, owing

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Dr. Geikie — It is the report referred to in Dr. Roome's report.

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which was done on several occasions, was negative each time. At first this

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sequences to children, less harmful to the aged. The most prominent

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the patient rtclining at first all day, not even bathing. The

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Publishing-office, as early as possible, information as to any

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Opening through the Canine Fossa. — This operation is greatly facilitated

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that retention of the term " intermittent claudication " was best on the whole ;

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Excessive muscular exertion, prolonged exposure to cold (Rendu,

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JjOHtly, Hie elementary constituents of diseased products, consti-

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deemed so successful) ; the second of the racer and half

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constant is the association of foetal death and expulsion

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twenty-four hours. If the pulse is rapid, digitalis should be used in

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May 29. Discharged, the wound iu scalp nearly healed with every pro-

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The conclusions to be drawn from the above figures admit of a

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in Kingston and Marquette, reseated, new floors and many

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blood and urates. Pus has been found in small quantities in

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forms." In these cases, says Dr. Gauntt, blood-letting in the first stager

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careful study; the young life, in the agony of its first experi-

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remember for the test?" You said that the dark purple dots

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also an acceptable explanation. As we know that measles and scarlet