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Trachea, by Dr. W. F. Westmoreland, of Atlanta ; Abscess of

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and the hysterical symptoms observed. In support of the view

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health. These diseases are called either contagious or infectious. The

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legitimate representatives, the members of the Union, " had found it necessary

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and midwifery during the years immediately following.

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in the following words :— " Dr. Parkes was the first to point

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troubles, overcrowding in asylums and prisons, etc., we must also reckon

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attacks, though severe, were generally of short duration ; the

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the result of a recommendation made by Col. Mills to the Sec-

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in the ordinary test-tube, with the urine over a spirit-lamp

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necessity be the rule of conduct. It is simply impossible for a

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ures which have been more or less in vogue during the period just named

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have been times in which, during the formation of the

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of witnessing the first operation in which"ether was

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tion of food, and a marked emaciation. Nausea is often

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" It has been shown that the injurious effects which habitual railway travel-

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segment, and I have frequently seen this combination in extramedul-

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operator standing on a stool seizes the thigh flexed at right angles to

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adheres with so great tenacity that Gendrin conceives that it

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a trade commonly producing such a condition, a pruritus more

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ease later than its parent. Hence, when born during the