interest of maintaining the current high standards which

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In addition to the variety of aphasia which I have just described, and

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taken the disease ; but the inoculated disease not having proved

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after forty years of age, greatest at sixty, when it gradually diminishes. Statistic*

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army, are submitted to inspection, and vaccinated without exception, if that

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the thighs of the patient are covered by clean sterilized nap-

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and the internal iliac ; and when the abdomen is then opened, he controls

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tion is derived from an artificial cow-pock ; and all must admit

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been treated. I believe "pearls are as often thrown

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'•3. That there is evidence for believing that as an excitor of dormant reflex

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j>ericardium, meninges of the brain, synovial membranes) may be the seat

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fluid will remain unchanged when exposed only to the air immediately

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by elderly males with prostatic hypertrophy, such patients shoulc! je-.-

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nosis in some doubtful cases. The tumor may be dull on

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C. Fenwick advances a theory of sympathetic origin of the

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inch ; length, two inches ; No. 3, diameter, three-eighths

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as in case 89, where pleuritis supervened after the accession of the spasm. It will, however,

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domain of the latter, it will insist that the latter shall

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has been for generations the chosen battle-field of therapeutics,

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lutely demonstrate that the dilatation is idiopathic in origin. It

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third and second nerves. In other words, this indicates that the disease

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at the public crib, could be cited here if time and place per-

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caZe, January 12, 1895 ; review of an article which appeared

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form was administered during the period of spasm, followed by

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Opening through the Canine Fossa. — This operation is greatly facilitated

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(Section in Obstetrics and Diseases of Women and Children) ;

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after very long periods improvement sometimes takes place. Mitchell says

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uniformity will be observable between it and our own with respect to no-

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^ Simon has proposed the term exopathic to indicate the origin of such maladies;

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considerations: — Such a considerable amount of so-called atheromatous

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