also had favorable results from the insertion of the long rectal tube (soft esopha-

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E. B. O'Reilly officiated as chairman, and the speeches included

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benefit. Disheartened by want of success, I abandoned all treat-

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not be enabling behavior that is inconsistent with health;

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cocci and streptococci, the former having been isolated from the

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mitted his l^orse to suffer and die under C. S. D. care.

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the Royal Medical and Chirurgical Society (June 24) two cases of this charac-

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it will be completely dissolved."'- It is evident therefore that

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the thermometer, symptoms pertaining to animal heat are rendered objec-

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268. — True (II.) De Ta-sepsie et do I'antisepsie en ocu-

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until within the past two days, during which she has

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diet, cleanliness, separation from other lepers, and protection from in-

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thrust a knife into the swelling, when arterial blood

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was five years of age, and that was the only instance under the age

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are not perfect, but more is retpiired in the direction

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The abscess was lined with a grayish, soft, friable, but adherent membrane, 1 to 3 mm.

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within twenty- four hours, a vigorous reaction, with a

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Quoting from a recent textbook, the argument in favor of opera-

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with our own personal experience or preconceived ideas. While

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rays of light, and also to assist and enable them to collect

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First, it may be stated that the kidney of congestion is, by common consent,

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as to the openness of the very large canal ; a drop of water, coloured

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substance of that part of the brain the orderly working of which

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" ;ith. The inspiratory muscles occupy the flank spaces on either side.

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Before closing with the subject of treatment, we must

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sistency was like that of rubber. He was free to confess that

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on. Mesmer went to London, where he lived under an assumed

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the forenoon, and then in the afternoon murder the sym-

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provide the needed treatment. To ignore the honourable sensitiveness of

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2d. Another argument which tells against blisters is the fact

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son saw in the cow's uterus, changes which seem to be

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dition the writings of Charcot may be profitably consulted, to whom we owe the

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follicles, and glands, as well as of the muscular and fibrous elements, and

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if it does not exceed a tea-spoonful every few days. It should be borne

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twenty-four hours. These patients generally did not re-

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cumstances of the circulation in the aged led to gangrene of the flaps, and conse-

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am afraid that in the world to come they will have ample

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ty of friends at his Irish seat. The guests daily no-

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who choose from practising, but makes penal the false assump-

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ning-pains, girdle sensation, Argyll-Robertson pupil, and the