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5 years ; severity, 1, 2. [Five sittings ; improving ; still under treat-
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until the awful work is done — until the whole nerve force, the founda-
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taken up by men who have a thorough insight into the whole
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Sam has been exceedingly kind to Mecklenbui'g County. Uncle Sam is
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Dr. a. W. Gray: In the absence of Dr. Kletzseh I can make the report
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Journal for January 1890. I find that he and I are agreed as to
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rectum is likely to occur only if the operation is done
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this line, done on animals by Ward-Muller, Quinck, von Ott, and Hunter, was re-
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ferior frontal convolutions (3). The condition existing in this case is in
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less transparent areas on the sides of the central artery. When the
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arrest of development in the sternum, possibly due to a
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coveries in anatomy and histology. Like the last two
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who was not present at the discussion of Dr. Dudley's paper,
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— Strangulation of the intestine — Phlebitis — Death from ileus
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day. The only result of the autopsy that is referred to
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tegument and of the mucous membranes, with great fa-
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persons 7 years of age or older. Massive erythromycin use is