the action of antiseptics, as sulphurous acid, the sulphites, carbolic

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Chronic sore throats, when they do not induce decided

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urinary analysis)," by Fuller; (9) "Cystoscopy," by

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as a good scholar. He passed a long life in uninterrupted good

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the bones after excision of the knee joint, we had conditions

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the deep pockets about the roots of the teeth. Hence

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mentioned than a treatise to be placed in the hands of students.

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wiirine (Kcsearches on the Influence of Alcohol on the Temperature of the

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vigorous volume before us/ in which the author fortifies the

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by its steadying action, and at the same time answers the

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on some peculiar phenomena. It is immediately accepted,

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ease, was stigmatized as the greatest absurdity, and

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Such a thing being fully accomplished, and the piece

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hereditary predisposition, nor the usual accompaniments of growth, will account

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With all its complications, however, Meyer considers the operation a

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placenta. Previous to that time I had attributed the position of the

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As all the reports, therefore, from Berlin, Paris, and

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clinics that use or do not use the SAQ, 3) to ascertain

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its several stages, although they are a source of great worry and

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the ears, and the sense of hearing has become blunted of late. The

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night,— this is, evidently, a case in which the motion is not subject to the

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an accident usually strikes the tuber ischii from below, or

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by an irritable stomach when almost every other substance is rejected. Child-

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After-history : A healthy living child was born on September 16, 1906 ;

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Koplik's spots on the mucous membrane of the mouth and palate may also

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Summary of the Two Cases. — Case I., in which the

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portion contracts and dries, leaving the exposed granulating

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from the opposite side, the stem must be placed under-

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Note. — Since writing the foregoing article we have

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is also designated as the interconvulsive stage or the period of the stigmata, and

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shown that many of these reactions are so delicate and

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A variety of teleradiology services are coordinated