2. Linseed oil 1 pint, gruel 1 pint, caraways 2 dr., Epsom

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be empty, as it makes it easier on the colt when thrown and tied.

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ridge formed by the right ureter was more prominent than that

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without an accompanying hyperchlorhydria, and in the

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Inflammation of the liver, unless properly treated, is apt to assume

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paper filter kept warm by an electrical device, and preserved in

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Care to the Medically Needy also addressed the problem of

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ever, so clear that the epidemic has not reached Nantes. The

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' Lectures on Pathology,' published in 1859, made a separate group of " semi-

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love for everything that resembles, however humbly, any

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Notwithstanding a most fickle appetite, in the course of ten days she

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form of spurious elephantiasis of the scrotum, labia, and l^s which we have

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Wiiere an obstinate case is associated with hasmorrhoids,

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spiration (from an insect powder blower) as often as

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of the late Dr. James Henderson, by a number of friends, at

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a drink ; simple lavements, or, in cases of constipation, a laxative clyster.

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many cases can be accomplished only by the cure of the disease by which it is

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contact, such as door-knobs and household utensils. She

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agreeing with the results of Magnus. Even when the quantities were reduced

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Funk (1914) has still more recently obtained similar results to Maurer

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speak of a j^eculiar resistance to infection or of immunity.

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Gutting from : Cerise (L.-A.-Ph.) [in 1. s.J. Melanges

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of placental lesions in women suffering from Bright's disease and chlorosis,

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rheumatoid arthritis — those associated with fever, with effusion into joints,

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to fish and swim in the river and after four or five days an epidemic of

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ence exercised upon the course of the disease, at least as

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In the Sydenham edition the author states, that this free cell-

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