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ings of uneasiness or pain. In his case the ulceration

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Dr. C. Compaired, of Madrid, Spain, reports [Annal. des Malad.

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trouble to look over the medical journals and retrospects of the last two years,

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it is first felt abdominally, and takes its course according as

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digitalis, which up to this time had been freely given, and

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frequently make this murmur quite intense. In mitral stenosis

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we have no fault to find with the action of the board in that

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und des Magens," Brit. klin. Wochenschr. 1895. — Koeisig. Deutsche Chirurgie von Billroth

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the everted eyelids quickly diminishes the amount of purulent

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contents accompany the pain, which is usually relieved by free emesis.

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Organization, succeeding Mr. W. E. Stewart, Birming-

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next morning her pulse was 128, and she complained of a little sore throat.

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been recommended as preventive. Buckler suggests the hydrated succinate