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I say ? It is not a science for a methodical and philosophic mind ; it is
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The experiments on animals and on the human subject, instituted by MM.
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54. Zeitschrift f Ur rationelle Medicin ; herausgegebcn Von Dr. J. Henle
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Diagnosis and prognosis. Hypertrophic rhinitis is a more or
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This new work by such an eminent authority is destined to take a leading
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infection, and it is asserted by other writers that this germ
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the tremendous difficulty encountered by the Biologic Architect
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contagious — successful efforts directed towards prevention and cure will amply
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seille, Paris, 1890. (161 pp.) Viney, Influenza, its Prevention, Sympt., Treatment,
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the figures of Liebermeister, Mackenzie, Fitz, and this series, the site
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hardly realized, even by the profession. It is not alone
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thru Notification by Clinical & Professional Education
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