The case of Ireland has been investigated at length because of the
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tonitis. This presented itself under various forms, and
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therefore put this down as a case of eczematization or of licheni-
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and oleum sinapis volatile are well adapted for this purpose. About one-half vol-
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acteristic symptoms, the development, the appearance, the course,
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there was no absolute necessity to resort to Mr. Graham's auxiliary incisions of
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the flasks put aside for 20 hours at 37' C The growth was then susjjended
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Mercuric Perchloride. Silver nitrate is used as it is a potent anti-
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urinary bladder for example. I presume it is on this account
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system of this sort is now in use by a physician at the South End. In the article
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Utrecht, is reported as having taken place on Monday, the 25th
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from other states and organizations. More than any one
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acquires animal properties in its progress through this apparatus.
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tended a young man with inflammation of the bowels, to whom
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tuberculosis of the larynx, and the diagnosis is one of great dif-
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■ How much necessary medical care could $10,000,000
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t The preparations in this class are mostly extemporaneous.
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bogginess, and pain, which all disappeared after the aspiration.
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ism of dropsical transudations. In all instances either there is an increase
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low-lying and marshy, and on the sea-coast or banks of rivers. That
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In other words, the Pentastomes belong to the order Teacheaeia,
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voted to some typical teleosteon fish. Upon the whole,