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that carcinoma is more frequent in women than in men.
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Maidstone Lent Assizes, 1839. {The Queen against Connel and others.) 1 ho
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leukocyte observed in synovial fluid (knee) obtained from patient WH during attack of alder-
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animals, would, if introduced into the stomach, oc-
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for its well-known antipyretic and antirheumatic effects. In the ordinary stages of
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Francisco, Cal., to Chicago, 111., for duty. November 5,
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of insane persons are more liable to be affected with Insanity, than
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increase in lymphocytes is apt to concern the small variety of cells.
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taking with them a bougie equal to a No. 16 English catheter,
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and pepsin. This action is not sufficient to interfere with
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tions of digestion : but experiments of this description, however laudable
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(6) The small opening and thin ring keeps the size of the instrument