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9. Vladeck BC: Unloving Care: The Nursing Home Tragedy. New York, Basic

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fourth pair of young ones had a jet-black feather in the wing;

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Braatz 2 found actinomycosis granules in a case of actinomycosis of

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this subject most fully. In the American Journal of Medical

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diminution by death in that class is about 2 per cent. For reasons

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tion of some fifty standard works. It is a remarkably easy book for reference, and

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new health care politics. Yale J Regulation 1984; 2:263-291

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ferably over the motor area, the pulse and respiration improving

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of Coughs and Asthmas ; it often seems to diminish the

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5. Seymour DG, Henschke PJ, Cape RDT, et al: Acute confusional

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not stoutly maintain the principles " that are editorially

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d'obst. et de gyn6c.. Par., 1893, viii. 418-429. Also : Arch,

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