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skill as would place the value of services so dispropor-

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eight years of age, the milder form (scoliosis) occurs more frequently

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Mayo Foundation, 200 First St, SW, Rochester, MN 55905. Phone: 800-323-2688. Fax: 507-284-0532.

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twenty-one gun salute. Dr. Rupp thinks Davis has fine dreams for a fellow his

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cavity or turpentine into the subcutaneous tissue, was allowed to act

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dosages. 75 mg. to 150 mg. per day. Adapin has been given concomitantly

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to only one set of circumstances — the recognition and treatment of disease ;

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European immigration. It came to New England in the May-

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specimens prove negative, to exclude any possibility

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They are generally connected with local circumstances, in such

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acute forms he had seen accompanied cold or sinus accumula-

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a pleasant medicine to take, and if given frequently it is

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as well as in the discharges of cholera patients, for the so-called " cholera

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indigestion, and a long train of nervous complaints. And

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In the inquiry which took place at Rugeley, in January, 1856, respecting the

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has had to contend against, the present law has secured great

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betes, etc. A certain i^roportion of people suffering from

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had their value confirmed by a large amount of con-

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obstruction as well as incompetence. The existence of obstruc-

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like hardness can also frequently be made out. Other large trunks may

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incision the patient stated that his ear felt easier ; he also

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192-195.— Frank (J.) & Kunz (S.) Tuberculosis of the

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origin at all. The thyroid is so intimately associated with the ovary that

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was a universal and indefatigable savant, possessed of

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Thomas and Rossini composed in their beds. Eousseau meditated with

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he made an emulsion resembling in colour and in consistence, and apparently

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