union withan implanted direct current stimulator. ClinOrthop 1980; 148: 1 17-128

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result of cadaveric decomposition, and had come to the

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thorax narrow. History very defective. No feverish disease known,

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Surgeon-General, U. S. A. Vol. I. The History of Surgery, Pathology, Bacteri-

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granulations. The cortical substance of the kidneys contained a large number

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Report of the Congressional Committee on Yellow Fever.

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later a piece of loose bone, supposed to be the left upper

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the crude rate. The death rate of Sweden corrected on the English

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modern times has had such a tenacious hold on the pro-

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wound were lacerated or contused, the cicatrix would be irregular, and the

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were 1381. The census for 1900 gave 123 deaths. Salmon collected

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empty at autopsies, is called the subdural space, or according to the former

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minutes. Improvement is noted after the first injection,

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We can easily diagnose their nature by telling the patient not

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there forming the ileo-caecal valve, it continued in the

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the subject is too extensive and well known to be more than summarized here.

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REFERENCES: Should be listed in the order in which they appear in the article. They should be complete and accurate and

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to an increased gradient in the ileum and the upper colon. The

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injury inflicted, it is doubtful whether, in the event of death occurring from

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cessant ; short and stifled with copious catarrhal expectoration ;

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Medical Association ; Medico-chirurgical Society of German