Arsenic should be employed in doses of a grain, or even of a tenth of a
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(Stoll), malignant nervous fever (Huxham), putrid hemorrhagic fever, ataxic and
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Einhorn, Landau, and others show that the condition is not rare. The
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The purely erythematous disease, on the other hand, is almost
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which the posterior is done, it being a false notion
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grec, alone, or mixed with a fourth of liquorice powder; an
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Complications: Endocarditis is the most common compli-
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seen in 30 cases, and suspected in 8 ; unknown in 2 ;
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sells is its promise to be here when you need help.
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the epidemic which swept over London two years ago. It began in July, 1910,
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three teachers in the union school do the work of five in un-
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discovered, but the manner in which it develops would be
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simulated by the breathlessness, palpitation, vertigo, and edema.
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arrest completely, in most cases at least, convulsions
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motor, chiefly paralysis and monospasm, with also exaggerated
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surprised at the amount of improvement. One case is a very promi-
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tively short space of time. The 100 per cent, increase in strength
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on this subject, read at the British Medical Meeting at Carlisle four
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Broken line = curve of HO normally; continuous line — curve of HC1 in same
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to oblige their neurological confreres, provided the latter could make
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fi^t, and the circumstance that the long thoracic nerve is not distrib-
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and thus greatly increase the apparent number of recover-
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the middle turbinate was enlarged, and a slight amount of mucous pus
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agreeing in its morphological features to the bacillus influenza is described
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the injury. There was then some elevation of temper-
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cerebro-spinal fluid corresponded with the diet was temporarily limited to 200 to 300
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becomes shorter, narrower, smoother, and less elastic. The upper end of
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of the transverse line and the median line. Some prefer the third lumbar
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may be absent ; at other times the urine is smoky, but it does not as a rule
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throwing back the flaps, formed after the manner described, the
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served in which enlargement of the thyroid body is conjoined with inor-
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Dr. O. H. Everett, of Worcester: — My practice is,
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M. Soc, 1881, ii, 135-141. - NicholU (H. A. A.) The
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symptoms which put simulation pretty well out of the
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density of population. This is a factor in all cities. When
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altered, provided vision has been useful before the attack.