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were found physically unfit for the service. In 1865,

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60. Treatment of Graves' Disease with Thymus Gland.

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powerful help in the treatment of acute bronchitis and

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trustees of the New York Orthopedic Dispensary and Hos-

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passage. It was then that we determined to remove the trachea, oesopha-

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So great a debiiity had, however, been occasioned, that typhus

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tion he has thus led by the nose. One can feel pity for

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small quantity of magnesia and an ounce of water. After

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kidneys as of other organs, and hypersemia, active or passive, will give a

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just below it, coming up from behind half way over the buttock.

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so. jNIore women than men become insane, but more men have general

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nodules in the exudate or in the pericardial walls, or as

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removal of the ovaries, are cases of metrostaxis. The

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stage," the latter as characterising a " second stage" of the disease.

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sources of nature in her efforts to remove the foreign

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peritoneal sarcoma, not secondary to anything, but behind the peritoneum,

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this is not the case, with very few exceptions (three out of the 183 cases),

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obtained from a given number of milliampere-seconds on a pastille. This was