spoiled meats are made to look bright red and fresh, or when oleomar-
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have shown that treatment of tuberculous infection with
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geners of lupus and tuberculosis, capable, under favorable conditions, of
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is a liberal profession, it has for its object the relief of suf-
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During the day, no bad smell was appreciable, but when they were
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I had just received an extract from the report of Maj.
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close contestants, the scholastic standing of the class in general this year
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[These observations are confirmatory of those published by Max Huppert
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an antiperiodic, observes that such disturbance was usually
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percentage of cases in which these are used in the leading
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more than one writer that bullets embedded in the brain
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Sam has been exceedingly kind to Mecklenbui'g County. Uncle Sam is
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"With reference to the recrudescence of scarlet fever I am not quite clear
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auscultation, tlie greater the difference is between the capacity of the
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papillomatous growth. The disease, however, returned
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cool water. This may be done without any fear of causing the eruption
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oxcvi. med.-spec. pt.. 249-255. — Smith (A. A.) History
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its present amount. I would rather not have any legislation
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ty years. On the resignation of the Fjaculty of the College of Physi-
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That Acetozone is a valuable germicide is demonstrated by its eflfccts
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through the muscles of both thighs, but without injuring the bone, which case
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as well as the Old Schools, and it is high time that the former (the
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months ago I sent circular letters of inquiry to two hundred and sixty-
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Sept. 8, 1898. R. Y. = ^^ refraction corrected, Y. = 1*5 +. L. Y.
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When a tissue is indurated it acquires a density much greater
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brought on a healthy action of the bowels. She was then
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the rates of pay of the new grades of the hospital corps.
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which it is carried out. Several authors have prac-
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the scalp ; but the writer has never noted such in the cases under
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4. There is a progressive lessening in the combustion