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tions, and after it had subsided by general tonics, &c.

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Association ; Chittenden, Vt., County Medical Society ;

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official county physicians, in which case the local physicians attended the sick poor

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may arrange in the following table the acid-reacting components of the

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Dare's Spcctroscopic Method for the Determination of the Alkalinity of the Blood

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ease with reference to its remote elfects. This is an error which arose from

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the way of experience. An early marriage, the care of a home,

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interest of the Mexican Government are co-operating to make the

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Mr. Bickersteth'a third case was that of a young man who was

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organisms were found in the blood of the sinus and none in the blood

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dition the writings of Charcot may be profitably consulted, to whom we owe the

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desired Government would examine the subject, but he objected to

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more sensitive in its reaction than the tuberculin tests performed either

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' Cypriani, Abraham, M.D., " Epistola historiam exhibens foetus humani, post xxi menses

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cesses had obtained access to the circulation. In fact, he

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influenza cold, accompanied by a yellow discharge from the nose, con-

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along t!ie upper edge of the muscle, about half or one-

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optic tract. The left optic nerve was smaller than the right,

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the immediate effects of the removal of the growth. Ten cases

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simply calling for their favorites, and no one being specially set

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replaced by a tendency for the abdomen to vary markedly in

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they become less and less marked, until finally, at the end of from

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that what you want is a high voltage, and you want your current through the

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Case 18) died in consequence of my inability from indecision to

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circumference will be embraced by the false membrane, forming

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of the left arm and some minimal ataxia on finger-to-