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or until transferred to the stomach of particular species of mosquito. On

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confinement in cowsheds ; and of cows which die in calving, the fore quarters

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fact that this excessive variation in temperature is pe-

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by eight, as four-ounce bottle, Xo. 2, has thirty-two

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syphiloina of the cord with acute central myelitis and widespread trophic

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it. He was opposed to the removal of a portion of the bone during

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external openings, one over the sacrum and the other over

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can practise even in the very town where his diploma has been

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The sounds of the heart were unusually distinct and abrupt, and sharply defined, but m

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what they purport to be, but the more crude and comparatively cheap

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As shown in Fig. 1, the instrument is ready for the opera-

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Morbid anatomy. The white fibrinous casts may be deposited

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is authorised to practise in this state, untU he shall have re»

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attend this meeting. More than one-third of the papers

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Matico may be either Piper angustifolium or Artanthe

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ally, in emetic doses during the day; equal parts of powdered alum and sugar

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Twenty, or 42 per cent., of fifty reported cases of nephritis" showed

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transmitted down to xiphoid cartilage. At apex is heard

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or not. It is the same with prescription writing; knowledge of it

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to it. The medical agencies that tend to increase the

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symptoms were ascertained. This person ultimately showed twelve scars

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the diseased arteries apparently failed to show this compen-

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are nearly akin to cancerous cases, and the patient often loses her life

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dull eyes, the indices of impending rottenness. Fetid dis-

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that we may have mens sana in corpore sano. The body and brain are

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put in requisition, and when they are wrought to the highest pitch they

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it will restore a considerable amount of sensation, appre-

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meatus urinarius, and a probe of one millimetre (about

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operation — those in which there exists naturally, or in

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over the wound should be carefully united. As in all perforating

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