much of our comparative freedom from the recent epidemic is
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calls "• an unfailing diagnostic symptom " is of no special importance in the
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Patient, a woman, aged 48. Post-nasal growth removed ton years
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hesions of its cellular coat, to the parts forming its
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patient get over the first week after his attack, his further improvement
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blood in infectious diseases, found that a globulicidal
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treatment for his foot until November 5th, 1858, when
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gan to suffer from hemicrania. At the beginning of the
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maxillary and temporoficial. Morphin gave only temporary relief, and the
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This work, published in two handsome volumes, represents the out-
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tube after the pseudo-membrane has begun to soften and
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these conditions is equal to the quantity of uric acid
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titioners. By James Nevins Hyde, A. M., M. D., Professor of Skin, Genito-
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all the cases reported as epidemic catarrh, catarrh, acute and chronic
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le patient a diet under wliich he will not lose weight.
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head or in the upper eyelid. The patient may volunteer the statement that
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and immune opsonins possibly formed at the same time. So long
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sumption from a clinical stand-point. With reference to the
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to indicate that in all probability the manuscript was in Marci's
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are not to forget that myriads of insects owe the continuance of their race
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to the anus, and the knife should be carried directly down
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referred to disappeared and the patient left the hospital to all
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36. Schnitzler. Naturforscherversammlung, Berlin, 1886.
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IV., p. 238, some remarks on this disease by Dr. Hazeltine, and in Vol.
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