communications from numerous Boards of Guardians in
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practically. No man is slighted because his skin is black ;
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spines; transverse process and articular process (superior left)
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Stephens, W. L., Shiloh, Univ. Coll. of Va., 1912... " lq o ]T d
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Baines, J. B. Cockburn ; Messrs. Du Pasquier, Caesar Haw-
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tion, in Denver, on "The Surgery of the Lungs, ' in
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often moderately swollen. There maybe found ecchymoses in the gastric and
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white oyster beds of the neighbourhood had become in-
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will be charged as per scale of charges on page YIiI.
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the edges of the wound must be excised, as has been proposed above.
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culoses to light. Allowing for mistakes in diagnosis in which the presence
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by these several classes of our people upon the dilTerent treatment of
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added to the patients weight in 31 days. It must be observed, that an
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relationship to the arthritis. Lobar pneumonia occurred in two patients
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be quiet, or the nausea and vomiting may be distressing but somewhat
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l0t. ** That the rital actions of the nerves are not attended with the development of any galvanic oun«ntB ^
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to all cases seems to be an increased katabolism of the tissue albumins.
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cessary ; while want of proper attention in the be-
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the bile canaliculi, causing jaundice and the more advanced fatty degen-
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pitched and low jiitched ; and also in combinations,
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Symptoms Referable to the Alimentary Tract. — Scarcely inferior in
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your patients during the periods of greatest sickness
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the leg of a dog ; that it was possible by its means to produce
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TuE old proverb " Prevention is better than cure " does not
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