able to expect he should make ? We should not be surprised to
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use or function of the grey substance, every where, is to form
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existed on one side with pallor of the temporal side of the opposite disc.
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For some time past men of science have regretted that
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was a question whether it would be advisable to go so
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cure normal circulation. The hygiene of the heart is
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rection, from the centre to the margin. — See Ray-
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however, very rare cases of tuberculous meningitis, in which head-retraction
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meine Medicin. Central- Zeitung (No. 33, 1879) adds another which he saw in
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waits, and finally, when the patient is exhausted and perhaps already
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tion, with rupture, was quite possible. We believed
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former seat is covered by a bran-like desquamation of the epidermis.
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most ably. Dr. Craig might refer the misinformed to that
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it. The book, so far as it goes, is good enough ; what we regret is,
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1996 International Conference on Physician Health, which is sponsored by
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farmer and stockman should have his own scales and measuring
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1. Division of the Ureter in Pelvic Operations. William P.
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nature, but the French have proved beyond question that
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who seems to have been the first to have used the cur-
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on the contrary, a diminution in the mass of blood. In the former case this is, how-
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In his native country Behring could not possibly receive a
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De ISeurmann and Gougerot (1906). Annales de Dermatologie.
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exists as purulent matter) give little odour ; it may be trans-
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present in a few cases, but was usually slight. In all
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while the left ventricle often remains of its normal size, and occasionally