yet we believe that such an office is likely to be introduced

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ference," he says, u to a moderate dose of calomel, combined

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ment, muscular spasm and convulsions, increased frequency

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should not be too near the surface. Camps should not

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of the water would have invalidated the experiment. The water is em-

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" For so unpleasant a complaint she was naturally anxious

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Whatever misgivings there may at one time have existed of the

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tion is disputed ; for an exactly similar tumour appears after

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examination is made for this purpose, it should be done before

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dependent solely on the capricious nature of disease itself

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ments, and that an excess of amboceptors destroys the bactericidal action

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stores being exhausted. The stores were divided up so as

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Lead iodide, 10; oenzoinated lard, 90. Employed externally to

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Dr. Ingals — I consider the plan suggested by Dr. Donaldson

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been killed in front of tlie officer. In another case two five-franc

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lies in the fact that digitalis bodies differ in their action, in their

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with those of cholelithiasis, and this is not to be

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mcompetent to account for its inception, progress, or tlie details of its

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On the employment of Oil of Turpentme in Sciatic and other

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weak will, or a neurotic intolerance to even a little

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entirely disappeared; the boy, at the same time, ga d h a

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and to tell the patient or her friends of this pos-

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Nothing gave him greater delight than long summer afternoons

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It is not quite correct to affirm that cholera ceased in Moscow in March,

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drainage. After 12 weeks his convalescence was completed.

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septic, acting specifically on the septic form of in-

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The aetiology of insular or disseminated sclerosis has long been

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ten cases he found staphylococcus albus, in one staphy-

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city, to visit with him Robert Kinnier, a lad about seventeen years of

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tically like that seen in ordinary epilepsy. It is necessary to exclude urtemia.