were to be seen marching, like processions of half-grown ballet girls,
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wounded at Antietam, Sept. 17th, 1862, by a conical ball entering the
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exit infrriorly and posteriorly to the os calcis, without injuring the latter.
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appearing ; that the patients all expressed themselves as feeling* much
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Spiritus Camphorce. Spirit of Camphor. (U. S. & B. P.)
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light upon the origin of the sanguinolent discharge, except that it was
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purgative, so that it is rarely necessary to employ one after
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In my enumeration above, I did not by any means exhaust my list.
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a member of the solanacese. Myosis is produced in the eye,
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cook summoned also. " Cook, did you receive the specimen from the
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Ginger, Oleoresin of. — One-fifth dose of Ginger.
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I think it is the duty of every accoucheur to visit his patient more
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rhoea, and, combined with cracked ice in small quantities,
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Dose.—B.. & C, ITLxv.-xxx. (1.-2.) ; D., 1TLi-v. (.06-.3).
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nourishuiont, however concentratod. which did not prevent the ac-
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ing; natural sleep followed, and she awoke recognizing her friends,
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mass, night and m'^rning, for two days, to be followed by sulphate of
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said to supply pungent taste, while the oil gives flavor.
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422 Hardened Faces in the Intestine — Perforation.
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tracted, was more flaccid than usual, and contained blood in all
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Remained here three days, without surgical aid ; the surgeon under
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peutic doses, acts as a simple bitter (stomachic), and there-
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of one or two batteries of light artillery — lience I have seen but little
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exert an antiseptic action on the air passages. Expectorants
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white patches in the mouth by coagulating albumin upon
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axis about seven-rayed ; without odor ; taste at first sweetish,
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First, the backward extension of the posterior or third lobe further
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horrible wasting away of a drunkar<l's soul, as one by one its powers are drown-
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enough : accordingly, in the first place, ho orders the addition of fif-
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ed himself by these experiments that an ox suffered more by being de-
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thereby increasing the secretions and vascularity of these