series of rings, in such a manner that the instrument may be opened and

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unknown and unparalleled in other countries.'* We may accotmt in part ;

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' Cypriani, Abraham, M.D., " Epistola historiam exhibens foetus humani, post xxi menses

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subjects of uremia, the blood poisons in renal disease, the office

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anteriorly as far as the median line. The accompany-

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mind." It is the opinion of the best writers on the subject

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pathogenic. Five organisms belonging to the diphtheroid group were

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four inches of the bowel. Quite a number of vessels

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did not use suction apparatus did as satisfactorily as the ones

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blood-vessels of the subconjimctival region and the super-

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the kidney, for it is often a sign of uraemic disturb-

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weaker and of short duration. Yohimbine's peripheral autonomic nervous

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branes may be available to touch, an effort to thor-

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into larger tubes, where the obstruction is less ; but the effect of tli ^

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occupation, can hardly be said to be better. Is it surprising, that a

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the diseased arteries apparently failed to show this compen-

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be found lower in the pelvis, so that the nates pass through the

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months ago, at which time she began to complain of a great deal of

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nosis is not so difficult, as help is obtained from a history pointing to

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remission, the remedy may be continued during the exacerbation of fever.

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and in the majority of the sections. As many as six to the low power field are

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in Fig. 21, the ])ulse being large and soft, requiring only an

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depends, was very simple : splints were applied in one case only. Two cases

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case was performed by Thomas Bryant, and the report of the case is in

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ble rubber cylinders for intestinal anastomosis ; but at

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lower and anterior surface. Upon section the pelvis was

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of books included the most acclaimed poetry of ancient and modern

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not known if spur cells can revert to a normal red cell

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Dr. Merton L. Head was born at Albion, Wisconsin, December 14, 1867.

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Society, the first meeting of the House of Delegates should be at 1