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Centralbl. f. Nervenh. u. Psychiat,, Cobleuz & Leipz., 1892,

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things being equal. Why this should be so we do not know, but the fact

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xlvii, 101-181 (C. Aiiffret). Also: Bull. Acad, de iu6d..

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lifestyle changes with the patient, so that the whole process is an educational one. If I don’t get

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St. Petersb. mod. AVclnisclir., 1899, n. F., xvi. 21. [Discus-

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t6s. luternat. Atlas selt. Hautkr.^ Hamb. u. Leipz., 1889,

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idea of Treviranus, viz., that " each single part of the body, in respect of

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the salicylates in those due to exposure. Analgesics, and even opiates, may be

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with relapses, etc., which were not true typhoid fever. We have seen

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(as he understands it), but that of a large part of what he considers to be