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claims that a mydriatic is necessary in many of these

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mental disorder may be traced to mechanical injuries or blows upon

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This plausible theory was disturbed by the surprising announce-

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At 3 P.M., December 26th, patient's temperature was

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thus spent in 1872 on the poor of a population of 23,000,000

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than in lymphangitis, in cases of which the neighbouring tissues

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fluid. The animals inoculated d la Pasteur become, according

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running outward, but it cannot be traced far, and trans-

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in 5 1 per cent. ; the tongue, in 29 ; the pharynx, in 7 ; the larynx and

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tection was the removal of these objectionable insti-

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Michigan: March lfl-23. Bay City, 2 cases; Detroit, 6 eases.

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The Report, in respect of those patients in the " lunatic