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wounds, which may also give rise to death from hsemorrhage, point with
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some tumour in one part or other," &c. Again, in the next aphorism : "The
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be at the ioth and nth dorsal vertebrae, and so sharp that the case did not seem
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M. D. ; J. B. Marvin, M. D. ; S. J. Meyers, M. D. ; Wm. B. Pusey,
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1. Urie acid. 2. Uratie. 3. Cystine. 4. Xcmthine. 6. Oxa-
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was adopted. Five months later, extension was found to be
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as well as the Old Schools, and it is high time that the former (the
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puou kcU/iarsis anOj have seriously biased the judgment of physicians as
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the good success of our next meeting, I beg leave to tell you, in
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It was tender to touch, dense, freely movable, detached from
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and Audrain {Bull, de la Soc. Med. des Hop., Paris, June 11, 1920,
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tracted together, so rectifying them with your hands, and with the bandaging
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The patient was able to be about uiiori her feet as
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upon the heart and circulation that it tells primarily and dis-
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differ in no way from tlie description given above.
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chiefly for the purpose of stating, that I have never observed
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Experiments somewhat similar to the experiments performed in
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arising from the eruptions are made up of pricking, burning, tingling, and
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of common wheat bran to a glass of hot water and drink it the
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Perverted Motion." — Royal. — Antiquarian.— Linniean. — Che-
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functional manifestations of nervous energy, promote the due