Professor of Institutes of Medicine in the Pennsylvania Medical College.

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in death. Those that recover are of the cardiac type and recurrences are

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spoken to, I believe ; and his teeth are quite ground down. Two

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the upper more than the lower lobe. Complete excavation of an entire

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fore, chilling tbe spine determines a marked cerebral disturbance, there is no reason

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Society, Medical, of the County of Westchester. 720

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very wry face. We learn from our exchanges, however,

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to o'Ooo kilogrammetres work done. " I am acquainted," says

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ternal bleeding ceased ; and we were convinced there was no internal loss.

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degenerated and wasted muscles is extinct. No conclu^on as to the

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with a soft, gelatinous growth. Polypus is most frequently

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chemically. In this way are produced, and usually repeat-

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Experiments somewhat similar to the experiments performed in

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qualities on the part of the operator, and that a portion of the ill-success

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'"■;'*''"" '- ■''-" v>rll .id.ipird iMr U.rnu'iit.itiMi, tc^t- uith the nmr.

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Typhus fever began to prevail in certain parts of the city of New York, as

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that one can, from the fact of the light sense being im-

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later, from consumption of the lungs ; hence, when any person '' spits

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investigation. But we must apply a different method

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goodly number of delegates to the World's Congress on

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the temporal bone, thence through the third ventricle and the

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handed. In one he spoke English, in the other imperfect

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child. There were found twelve scars in each temple of the child,

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every time I took a little cold, my cough increased. I had

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fessional, conducted by the qualifying bodies in Ireland, and

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Most of his professional life was si)ent in Indiana, and a great

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Etiology a branch of General and Special Pathology Its Importance Internal or

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xylol (dimethyl-benzol), it is ready for examination,

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X-ray of the shin-bone, even when it has been healed

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ings, marked aggravation at noon and for twenty-four

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a severe form. In the mild forms there is little constitutional

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the case cannot be doubted, but what is the use of putting fine bird-

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