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University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS. Con-
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told to make the movement of deglutition, and repeat
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the Jews, This investigation was made five years ^o.
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result, or else rupture of the heart takes place. This may likewise result
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Glenwood Springs in Colorado, the waters of which, he says,
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ally friable, for it broke close to its uterine origin, the
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cluding diseases of the heart as among that group of preventable
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was read by President McCalla, who stated that it was
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tain a large quantity of pus, extending, perhaps, from immediately
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Tho following gentlemen presented certificates as dclegales
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degenerative changes which, however indirectly, may seriously interfere
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He was admitted to the Infirmai-y on December 12th,
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Cases have been reported iu wliich for a long period
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procedure he has put himself into the worst possible condition for
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The following proposed national rules to govern the trans-
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nessed a case of atrophy attended with severe pain in the extre-
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seen the claims for this form of medication so ably presented. As
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