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to make a few cautious incisions, and subcutaueously
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precede, or be coincident with, or may even be independent of, the
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place the patients in a pure and frequently renewed atmo-
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lieved, and even declared by the physician in attendance, to be be-
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taken by librous tissue. This gives way to the pres-
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a regular graduate forfeit his professional .standinc by
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more accurately it is still possible to make out the diplo-
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Diarrhoea is common in children when the rash comes out. This
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tributory factors, may be associated with pruritus. It has
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554-557. Also: Verhandl. d. Berl. nied. Gesellsch. (1896),
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fatty degeneration of the blood-vessels in the young was
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cular energy. In three cases the patients were the sub-
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prohibition in form, permits importations, and also
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from the office of the Board of Missionary Prepara-
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what remained of the cuboid and the second and third cuneiform bones.