foetus. Although the placenta is normally impermeable to

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some poisonous reptiles is the tendency to a recurrence of certain symp-

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chronic, lasting from eight to thirty years; acute or malignant, ending in six

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^^^len we survey the gastro-intestinal tract we are impressed

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hand. If Dr. Thomson thought these things wrong, why did he not

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numerous dark brown casts apparenth/ composed of disinteyrated epithelium.'^

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and tubercular masses, and cavities enveloped in parenchyma, still per-

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O'SuUivan's paper come up, and Dr. Seguin could then

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the organs of the experimental animals were prepared for examination.

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in these situations, treatment requires freeing the host of the parasites or bacteria

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experiment. In reality, however, these discordant re.«ults belonged to two

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peritoneum stands betwe<n the patient and eternity; that no matter

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On September 14, 1857, Dr. G. Passavant, of Frankfort-on-

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think how you occupied your minds while here, and at this present mo-

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XX. — The laws of excitabihty are changed in fever. This change

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Tri-State, St. Louis, 2-4; Alabama, Mobile, 16-19; California, San

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observers were dealing with cases of true nephritis in which the creatinine of the

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The points of chief interest to be noted by the investigator are :

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hind leg of the corresponding side, but also that at the same

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Cultures of this organism do have the power of hydrolyzing fat

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fected with hectic fever ; loses his flesh, and gradually sinks,

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of these remedies in (i) aortic insufficiency; (2) in

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a high level of suspicion. The diagnosis is a purely clinical

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