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intestinal tube. Defective secretion in the upper intestines is evi-

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muscle (through the inferior genital nerve), and a well-defined area of

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deavor to cure these chancres as speedily as possible,

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After the hemorrhage ceases (often spontaneously) he

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Deep-Seated Muscles on the Posterior Part op the Hip-Joint.— 1. Fifth

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made subordinate to that most prominently set forth by the general

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The actions show that the infant is taking too much oil, and that

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The matter was laid before the husband, and she was brought to Louis-

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dently sick, but she has walked to the office or pethaps

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Nahrsalze. Allg. Wlen. med. Ztg., 1891, xxxvi, 310; 322;

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various kinds of inflammatory products, lymph, serum, pus, or a

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sible precautions against the spread of the disease oc-

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A Case of Meningo-Myelitis with Bacteriological Examina-

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against injury to these during the suturing. In the case

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with dyspnoea for many years past, but dyspnoea has in-

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the lower third of the shafts curved inwards, the curvatures

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mitior, or slow nervous fever, has also been more prevalent

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than the possible good arising from the work of the more

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iotio plumhi et opii, in the proportion of grs. v. each