Sec. 3. Members by Invitation. — ^Members by invitation

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order to produce an easy movement of the bowels and to con-

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defense, the court considers very different from one where the

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mass; 3, the denseness of the mass; 4, the immobility

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37 Diagnostic Curettage of the Uterus. Brooks M. Anspach.

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probably secondarj'. He thinks that there is no etiologic con-

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show increased mortality, and not only in this country

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23 to 26, Dr. Berthold E. Hadra, Dallas, presiding. The com-

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only freshly-husked rice was used, 33 recovered and 6 died. On

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tion. If not they must be replaced and redressed. He thinks

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tubules. This is seen only in severe estivo-autumnal infections.

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nately, to-day very many communities are not awake to their own

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outlined and peculiarly constructed slide or counting

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noticed that the urine is very smul in amount during an at-

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possibility of intercurrence of acute diseases, such as pneu-

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Minneapolis, Minn., was adopted: Moved, That a committee of

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that the lymphatic system is the most important of all in the

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rights of membership except those of voting and holding ofBoe.

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research of the twentieth century, but history teaches us

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Into force July 9. At present the medical boards are separate in

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the sinusitis is the rvde rather than the exception. * More-

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$1,335,000, and is to be completed in two years. The site alone

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most London hospitals. The furnishings, cooking, at-

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ation of the gonorrheal salpingitis in contradistinction

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gen, and no matter how firmly they may be attached or

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We have keenly felt from the first the magnitude ot the task

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that make it possible for the microbe to multiply and

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i) I medicinal flora of the Western Hemisphere. Our re-

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sity for an active working branch in every state to con-

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awakening of a latent, pulmonary tuberculosis. It is

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seven graduates received their degrees. The address to the

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puscles and the regenerated cells are imperfectly supplied

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had run beyond term, with slight labor pains at times during

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allow a cupping of the center of each vesicle. Around

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The sound having passed the pylorus, the air is allowed

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has taken unwarranted liberty with the life of his fel-

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gives one little apprehension, if severe pain is absent;

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diagnosis when a large, deep, tense appendical abscess

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