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parts of the eye concerned with color perception; the modifications
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been vaccinated is, the protective influence of vaccination diminishes after
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must, indeed, be a casual worker to whom the acquiring of this eye-
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German physician, then absent in Califonia. He has since returned, and the
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As an example of the connection between the stages in the fever
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signs hardly justified the radical operation without first tapping
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death-rates per 1,000 from the principal infectious diseases of child-
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pose of removing a malignant growth which was low down in
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Cross-incision made at top of wound to sterno-cleido
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sidered an immunizing agent in the specific sense of the term; the
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ried constantly, sometimes being held in the the use of laxatives to sweep out the intes-
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of twenty-four hours, therefore, is fraught with the danger of con-
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fi/liui^ or salsify, a composite plant of tne united
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the susceptibility of the eyes to the light had greatly diminished.
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all working independently, observed swelling of the joints and
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is enormous in size. The galeopithecus and koala, like
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menorrhagia, and especially if metrorrhagia is also
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spread on the outside and to other parts of the body.
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Dr. MooRHOUSE read sections 4, 5,. and 6, which, on motion, were adopted as read.
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I have intimated in an appendix to the present volume.
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ceases, due to the failure of the circulation, but there is no direct
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flicted, and soon become cured in consequence. Those physicians
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Prognosis. Exophthalmic goitre has been defined as a disease from
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4U and .10 years of age, was admitted into St. Thomas's
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must be said in their favor that they come nearer to
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Hematogenous Miliary Tuberculosis of the Lungs. —