have said as to the laity's inability to distinguish
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sults of our labors cover the ground pretty thoroughly. While he has
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appliance. This, although favourable in the cases dealt with in this work, has
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that which purposes to discover new facts on the basis of this
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assist if they can have an important share of the manage-
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three years at a medical college are required to make a
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rupt onset of typhoid fever. Phila. M. J., 1898, i, 68-71.
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The chair appointed the following physicians to serve upon
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its appearance in the groove between the pectoralis major and the deltoid
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16 Kelson : Ajfection of Faiices siiyndating Secondary Sypliilis
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all tissues, the heart is by far the most difficult to manipulate
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watcr and get to bed, and lie there until he should feel better, telling
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Group III, including 224 cases of markedly advanced disease, calls
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the corpuscles of the patient, and the serum of the pa-
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original promoters of the charity engraved upon a tablet, but
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this time the patient complained and the solution was
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ble in the Woman's Homeopathic Hospital, of engineers. The largest iver estimate
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and it will be found that it is possible to regulate the blood-pressure
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.nccuscd to be laboiuing under that most insidious of all mental diseases —
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first becomes granular; the granules increase in size and flock into
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of establishing a reputation as skilful practitioners of medicine,
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no metal whatever could resist the effects of oxygen and chlo-
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suited and they are of rare occurrence. One is the contraction following extensive
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Pneumatics — Sound — Optics. Illustrated by upwards of 400 engravings on
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29.5 inches at umbilicus. The tongue was clean ; appetite good, and liver dulness
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cupy the most advanced position which the profession may demand.
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cerned. Children were most affected in the X'^ew York epidemic, whereas
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observation. He proceeded to notice the variations of the bands of the
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urinals, etc ; but one who has given careful attention to the subject cannot
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Mr. Gamgee's Sponge. — Mr. Sampson Gamgee has re-
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eral Cunningham, as to the uselessness of quarantine.
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creased, diminished, became steadier, and the patient