nuclei the 'Mjlock-like " stages pass by insensible gradations

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inmates 30 have substance abuse problems requiring treat-

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that while attencUng Home's clinics in the Edinburgh Hospital in

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not get a breath, had great pain in the chest, and staggered so that he had to

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it was from an artificial pond which occasionally went dry. I

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part at least, of the haemorrhages found in cases of diabetes, severe ansemia,

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the blood employed. Several syringefuls may be required

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ble, as is often the case. Such a relationship could

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ments which excite the stomach, such as pepper and mustard. The heat

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instructors. The process of "gavage" is a refined procedure

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vessels. Occasionally a general septicaemia and pyaemia may super-

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toms allow it. There are some people so excessively nervous as not to allow the

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3. Number of Hoiors of Nursing Care Given by Part-Time

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asylum until his health became quite restored. I have lately been

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laboraton^" and this claim seems to be true, except that it

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twenty-five feet from the roof of a house, striking on his right side. On en-

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These little accumulations occur at first as diffuse "infiltra-

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with such an opinion. I have ever found them ready to

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or adrenalin to get in its work, the cocaine is injected from a second

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height of the lower should be 4 feet inches from the ground, so that

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in an earlier part of the course : or when we know that the parents

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isfaetory. This pertains in no small degree to the treatment of fracture of

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within which the living cells remain quiescent for varying periods, until

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fibres. The main changes in the adjacent heart muscle are of

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it^ lowest part. The integuments wliich covered the pedicle were

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The healing of the wound of the second operation in rat No. n,

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dose given as 300 mg boluses every six hours achieved

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the agents so studied. What may be called an era in the practical appli-

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ture 101.6° (the highest point reached at any time during the case). At 3.30

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relaxation of the blood-vessels supplying the organs of genera-

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hairs mixed with small bones. Whatever that be which is contained in the cyst,

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rotid artery. Tr. Ophth. Soc. U. Kingdom, Lond., 18IS1-2, ii,

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is an erroneous one. I believe that more fact that defective children in the open air