olipin antibodies may be a useful marker for the risk of
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So it is, though in less degree, in regard to the operation of celiotomy ; it is
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before, perhaps, we had gotten up to the practical point of
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First comes congestion from cold, next follows hypertrophy, later on in
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harm than good to come from the passage of a bill such as
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weeks he had been able to retain only a small amount
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sequence of the local disease, whereas some or many of the
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of the pelvis. M. B. therefore deterrainecl to perform Barton's operation, which
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and become fewer as it approaches the surface, it follows that, when
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had been brought into actual contact with its entire surface. —
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occurred with sufficient frequency in this and former epi-
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the right hand through the spot which could be detected
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Testicles showed several large hemorrhages. No haemor-
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forceps for that purpose. When the crown of the tooth has been
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mortem examinations. The fact, however, remains that his figures
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M. Ferrand remarked that Lebert thought goitres were
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the conflicting evidence of research studies exploring a
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CXXXII. Acute laryngitis supervening on ascites, and cirrhosis of liver —
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ment of substance-exposed children compared these infants
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warmly covered, the patient lying in a recumbent position with the
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position. The former is indicated by inability to make fine movements, such
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a, rachitic enlargement of the head from " water on the brain " has been
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IlTcn.MiDs; A. S. B. ; Dr. Woodwaed ; Mr. Vekkruzes ; Dr. Sutto?*;
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tions are to be observed: (2) when a manuscript is sent to this jour-
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frequent occurrence in cases of hemorrhage than in those
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the iris, the colored part of the eye, blue, or brown, or
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in one or other of three directions : — Either (1) he has taken
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minutes to four hours. 9. Depression after puncture is incon-
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to an almond. They may be few, so that, if small, they are liable to be