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More Typhoid Fever at Annapolis. — Three new cases

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1910: marked improvement. Wassermann reaction Novem-

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his note with Greely's, Biological ISulletiii, 1904, No. 7, |). i.

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to those expressed by a recent writer on this subject,

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cavity is opened in the line of the incision. If the

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Public Health Association met in Milwaukee on Monday,

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Dulaney. — In Bristol, Va., on .Saturday, September 3d,

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he states that, of all the triumphs of science, that

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Physicians of Philadelphia. Republished with the Con-

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rior portion of the chest there were 12 to 15, or more,

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nerves were not involved. On the left side the tumor

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educational standpoints. In response to the wishes of

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puscles, 190,000, classified as follows: Polymorphonuclear

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efficiently. It therefore recommends a careful study of the prob-

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She became chilly at times and hot at others. On the third

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ture. Atropine in sufficiently large doses is one of

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